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Season 9 Unique Dynamic Experience
[ Notice ] Moving to PrimeMu
Feb 17, 2017
We have decided to transfer our players to PrimeMu server since Evilwarrior cannot run any longer.

We will transfer payments and convert/adjust your resets and Coins to fit PrimeMu settings.
The items however cannot be transferred as the servers are not compatible, PrimeMu doesn't have F.O/F.G.

How to apply for the transfer:
1. Download the client from http://www.primemu.com.
2. Create an account (same User ID if possible and same valid email address).
3. Create your characters (same class as EvilWarrior).
4. Send us a transfer request to [email protected] from the original email address. The email should contain your EvilWarrior User ID and your PrimeMu User ID (registered emails must match).
5. If your character is maxed, you will start with 50 resets in PrimeMu to help you start, which is half-max.
6. Changing class is not allowed, your character in PrimeMu has to have the same class as your character in EvilWarrior.
7. All your payments will be transferred to PrimeMu and you will receive Coins and Prime Points for them.
8. Your Coins will transferred after being adjusted/converted to fit PrimeMu settings.

Best Regards,
EvilWarrior Staff.
[ Notice ] Voting Fixed
Sep 26, 2015
[ Notice ] Voting Fixed
Sep 14, 2015
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