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Season 6 - Revival of Empire Exp 99999 - Long Term - Unique Events
[ Notice ] WEBSHOP UP TO 50% OFF
Jul 18, 2014
We will be having a 50% OFF promo until August 20th, 2014.

Please keep in mind the prices in the Webshop are already discounted.

We also have made some changes in the gameplay, now you can sell your items for Coins on the Personal Store, so, be careful, now the Personal Store currency is Coins, NOT Zen anymore. This will reduce the scams in the game, as players will now sell items more instead of trading them. Coins will be used later for many new purposes, so, it's not a bad idea to start selling items you don't use.

We have also enabled a new PVP event, Last Man Standing, it will happen 6 times per day, it's free to join and the winner gets 500 Coins + drops as a reward.

Best regards!
Evil Warrior Staff.
[ Notice ] Coins
Jul 16, 2014
[ Notice ] LaCleon Event
Jun 28, 2014
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